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Be Where You Are

by Den Miller

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It Might Not Rain Everywhere Don’t ask me how I feel, I might just go on and tell you How I’m still under the spell you cast when your love ran free Don’t ask me how I feel, cos I know it won’t affect you How I’m failing to forget you like you’ve forgotten me Don’t ask me how I feel Chorus And it really comes to something when the best that I can hope for Each and every day, this is all I’m aiming for Today it might not rain everywhere, it might not rain all of the time Today there might be a moment, one minute you’re not on my mind Your face might not haunt me everywhere and mine might even crack in a smile Today it might not rain everywhere, it might not rain all of the time Don’t ask me how I know that you’ve found another soul mate How I know for me it’s too late now, still I can’t let go Don’t ask me how I know how you’re once again enchanted With all the joy I took for granted not so long ago, don’t ask me how I know Don’t ask me how it goes, cos it’s going very slowly I still think about you only, and that’s all I do Don’t ask me how it goes - time’s not faded all these feelings I should let time do my healing, but I don’t want to Don’t ask me how it goes Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
One Day The First Shall Be Last There once was a poor man, unclothed and unfed He didn’t have much, but what he did have he shared “When it comes to the judgement” he said “I’m not scared It’s good news for me, my lads, here’s what I read” Chorus One day the first shall be last And the rich get to pay for the sins of the past They won’t get through the eye of that needle so fast One day the first shall be last Well the poor man he died and without further ado He was straight up outside heaven to join in the queue Beyond the gates was a beautiful view “Hallelujah!” he cried “now I know that it’s true, that...” He was still with the entrance half a mile away With the queue like Alton Towers on a fine summer’s day When a noise from behind meant he had to give way And a Rolls Royce swept past causing quite a mêlée The rich man at the wheel, he couldn’t hide his delight But all the angels got the gates and the car rolled inside And a party began and it lasted 3 nights! “Wait a minute!” said the poor man “have I got this right? I thought....” “Excuse me St Peter, I don’t mean to be rude” Said the poor man, days later at the front of the queue “But what was with all the music and the banquet of food?" "I thought things were different if you were a rich dude” “Cos it looked like his life, unlike mine, has been great" "The kind of a lifestyle it says that you hate” “But you let his Roller straight in through the gate!" I wondered if maybe I was in the wrong place, I thought...” “Well”, said St Peter, “just to calm all your fears" "People like you are what we normally get here” “But he’s the first one who’s snuck through in 500 years!" "So naturally, we cracked open some beers!” So come all you rich folk, if you want to be sure Sell your possessions and give to the poor You can’t take it with you and still fit through the door Well, at a billion to one, I’d say the odds are quite poor Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
Oh, For A Dream Chorus Oh, for a dream, for a vision Oh, for a scheme, for a mission Then I’d start up every day, a path of fire to light my way I’d know exactly what to do, I’d know exactly what to say Oh, for a dream, for a vision Do you ever think of the start? What made a man build a great ark? Or walk on the seabed willing it dry? Or just for a carpenter willing to die? For all of the pain and the ridicule Useful is a nightly talk from the Almighty They didn’t need faith - they knew A powerful thing is belief Gives dubious dreams a chance to succeed A man with his destiny known He draws and he leads all the lost and alone The crowds are expectant to hear his goals He can make from us suicide bombers Or beautiful helpful souls Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
You Won't Tell Me What To Think One of my failings is to hop over the railings and cross the road wherever I like If the red man’s showing that’s my signal for going, keep left, I’ll walk on the right And if you say that it’s detestable to have so much cholesterol I’ll go and have a burger and chips And if you’re gonna count my units with a view to try and prune it then I’ll raise another glass up to my lips Chorus Cos you won’t tell me what to think, no you won’t tell me what to think I might be teet’rin’ on the brink. I might be wrong in every aspect but to me that’s just fantastic And you won’t tell me what to think Everyone is frettin’ that we’re in for Armageddon because of the pollution we cause I used to have no problem that it’s all to do with carbon till the government told me it was You see, when everyone’s agreed on exactly what we need, well that’s the moment I think maybe that it’s not So the more you try and frighten then the more I’ll turn the light on and whack the central heating up a notch According to the adverts everything I have is no good I need loads of things to make me content A perfect way of living and a perfect body with it - they’re all mine, if only I spend But don’t expect me then to latch on to the latest silly fashion looking stupid just to try and cause a stir Cos no matter what they sell you if I think it’s dumb I’ll tell you and I won’t be suckered just because you were I might believe in angels and that love can really change all, I might believe in heaven and hell Show me all the movies where they just go and disprove it and I’ll probably believe all those as well I might believe the earth is square, made by aliens who care, I might believe the earth’s a disc and that it’s flat I might believe it’s all supported by an astronomic tortoise with four giant elephants upon its back Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
What's It Take To Make You Smile Again? Some say the glass is half empty, and some say the glass is half full But you say it’s made out of plastic, and others got more than you Well, it may be true the design isn’t new and it might have a crack down one side But at least your glass still holds water, and much more besides Chorus If you count your blessings it’s not so depressing You’ll find you’ll be counting all day See the Pied Piper lead all of your demons away But even their banishment feels like a punishment What’s it take to make you smile again? What’s it take to make you smile again? Some people curse the darkness, while others will light up a flame But you seem to curse every candle as well as complain And don’t even start on the weather, cos I know just what you’re going to say It’s either too hot or too cold or there’s too much or not enough rain Everyone stands at life’s entrance, rolls a few dice before the game If you get three sixes you’re loaded with riches or fame Well, you got a six and a six and a three, and still you decide to complain Well go back and roll them again if you like, see if you get that lucky again Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
Sleep My Baby Go to sleep my baby, stop all of your cryin’ Go to sleep my baby, your mum and I were flyin’ Go to sleep my baby, you really picked your time tonight Go to sleep my baby, morning won’t be long Go to sleep my baby, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong Go to sleep my baby, before the moment’s gone tonight Since your mother’s been your mother we’ve discovered you’re a bother when it comes to love Little bundle loud as thunder, it’s a wonder Eve never said to Adam “Honey, one’s enough!” Go to sleep my baby, close those little eyes Go to sleep my baby, ‘til morning would be nice Go to sleep my baby, you’ll end up as an only child Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
Your House 04:29
Your House I went to your house, you would not be there So like a thief I could rummage through your things without a care To your secret hideout, where a normal child’s game Of hide and seek turned life or death and brought you fame Oh yeah Chorus Just a little girl when she was found Just a little girl who wrote it down Just a little girl in Amsterdam Just a little girl, just a little girl I went to your house, you would not be there Surely you would have moved on by now to play elsewhere It had been a long time, it had been a long haul And it was only a story after all Oh yeah I went to your house, but you were still there So like a thief I had to explain myself under your glare You were under my skin, I was feeling your pain I was there with you in World War 2 crammed on that train Oh yeah And had you but lived a month longer to see The liberation you deserved, would anyone know your piece of history? Would anyone remember in this city of dope and ladies of the night? Would anyone be queuing all the way down the street to see this humble sight? Would anyone remember the injustice and inhumanity you braved? Would they be coming from all over the world if you’d come through this unscathed? I went to your house, just one house of many, just one death of many Just wondering if any like you would be saved if the tanks rolled in today Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
I'd Just Rather Be Me It just seems a little confusing trying to work out where you fit in People seem to say you’re no good if you’re not doing the same as them They try to sell you a contradiction that makes you safely mainstream But at the same time totally different, so you can get your 15 seconds of fame, and ... Chorus Maybe someday it will happen - I’ll hide behind plaster and paint But right now I’ve done with the wrapping; I won’t try to be what I ain’t And I hope I don’t become the person people tell me that I should be So what you get is what you see - I’d just rather be me I never was the best at anything and it’s likely that I never will be But I won’t give up doing anything just cos someone does it better than me Never had the crowds buzzing round me - that would mean working too hard But I don’t mind that nobody found me cos mostly it’s just a charade, but ... I don’t need a tick on my t-shirt; I don’t need three stripes on my shoes I don’t need a name on my trousers; Who I am is not what I consume I just can’t think like marketing muppets, wondering what you’ll pay for a brand As they sit there working out what it stands for As if some dumb company can, but ... Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
Be Where You Are I’m driving through the valley looking for a quiet spot A fighter jet squadron gives it all that they’ve got In the isolated car park in the beauty and space A car stereo with a thumping bass Now up upon the lonely windy moor A guy’s getting excited about the football score Higher up the mountain I admire the views A woman phones her friend and shouts the latest news I went away from the city stink I went away for some time to think I went up here for some peace and quiet I might as well have been in a riot Why can’t you be where you are? In the supermarket by the fruit and veg I hear a young woman really on the edge Half a conversation to an unseen friend Oblivious to shoppers, she’s going round the bend She shouts to the tomatoes sitting on the shelf: “He swore on his little boy’s life he wasn’t seeing someone else” But she lets the people know in fact that this was not the case With a volley of expletives in a stranger’s face Then things get even absurder Turns out she’s planning a murder She says “I’m gonna kill the two timing get!” “Excuse me, can I get a courgette?” Why can’t you be where you are? With their GPS and their satellites viewing They know where you are and they know what you’re doing They know who you’re with and how fast you are going They know what you’re seeing, so they know what you’re knowing And sometimes they know so much, that it’s true You’re often the one who knows least about you And with all the distractions from near and from far You’re way too often the one who knows least where you are Whenever and wherever, everybody’s on call Oo where do you get any respite from it all? If your mind’s always busy and your soul is bought Where do you get the space to find original thought? And what’s the point of talking about it even if you did? You don’t know if they were listening to a word that you said They might be wrapped up in at least one other pursuit You could be dancing right in front of them in your birthday suit So take note of your situation Switch off, enjoy the location Pretend that there’s no one to text to Talk to the person you’re next to! Why can’t you be where you are? Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
I Feel Alive 04:18
I Feel Alive What can you do when there’s only grey sky? It’s been raining for weeks but inside you’ve run dry Been cursed with fatigue when you need to be strong When you can’t change the big things and the little things go wrong Choose your own distraction from the run-of-the-mill Slip into some other world and for a moment time stands still I’ll choose to escape to try to find some new quotes And try to find something new from these same dozen notes, and... Chorus I’m alive, music’s playing through my brain tonight, and I feel alive I’m alive, music’s spraying through my veins tonight, and I feel alive I can’t force myself to be suddenly inspired No ink on this paper, I’m down and I’m tired Starved of ideas, just feeding off the crumbs Think it’s deserted me forever, but then suddenly it comes and... What is a singer without any song? When the well dries up empty, the caravan moves on When the one thing you’re good at is fading away Can you have something to sing without something to say? But... Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
How Did We Make It To Here? We whizz round in space in a miracle. A bit closer in and we’d fry A bit further out we’d be frozen, except perhaps a week in July And if the earth was a little bit smaller, we’d float off in space and be lost And if the earth was a little bit bigger, gravity would have us all squashed Chorus But somehow we seem to survive Hanging on year after year But if you think it’s amazing we were ever alive Tell me ... how did we make it to here? Cos ever since Cain bumped off Abel, we’ve been determined to get ourselves dead You’d think we’d learn not to trust all the nutters, but we ask them to lead us instead And as the nutters have got stranger and stronger and millions of people have died It’s just surprising no nutter’s hit the nuclear button, though Lord knows a few of them tried We say we’re intelligent beings and that’s true to a greater extent But although there’s been loads of intelligence, you might wonder where it all went Is it waiting for internet shopping to come? Is it sozzled on supermarket gin? Is it sat watching telly all day to the point where it’s lost all the use of its limbs? Still we’re no nearer Utopia, though the road there’s so obvious it shines But the rich take control while the poor take the crumbs, everyone else thinks that everything’s fine They say “By George! We’re a civil society!” But the fabric is stretched very thin Just start a rumour there’s a shortage of petrol, and watch us fight over bread and baked beans So what are the odds for the future? Cos people need telling so much Which end to open their pack of pistachios and a warning it may contain nuts And countless other patronising messages; why we need these is anyone’s guess Is it cos we’re all dangerously stupid? Sadly, the answer is, YES!! Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller
Hold On 04:39
Hold On I don’t want to say that things will get better Because they have a way of doing what they like And in any case it doesn’t really matter Good or bad I’d say you just need to keep trying Cos the storm isn’t quite over after pounding down most of your lifetime’s work It still hangs round, in this paralysing cloud that’s even worse So you try but you hate it, your smile’s only painted Your present is hurting, your future’s uncertain Your compass is set wrong and all hope is gone, but hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on And I don’t want to say I’ve travelled down that tunnel And that it’s just a phase and soon you’ll see the light Cos maybe that’s the day, or maybe an inferno So good or bad I’ll save that for another time But I’m here and I will let my presence speak for me, my silence tell its tale And my embraces give my best advice at a time when words have failed So you try but you hate it, your smile’s only painted Your compass is set wrong and all hope is gone, but hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on Words and music by Den Miller Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller


".... he is writing some amazing songs and performing better than ever .... blown away with the things he is writing about and how he is using his lyrics. Definitely a must see, must buy for anyone interested in great songs. A wonderful artist, don't miss this!"
Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby, on "Be Where You Are"


released September 1, 2009

Album written and performed by Den Miller


all rights reserved



Den Miller Keighley, UK

Den Miller is a multi-instrumentalist whose songs focus on strong melody and intelligent, often humorous lyrics. His sixth studio album will be released Sat 26th June 2021.

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